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Full support of split chat windows, but let's improve by shrinking the local area box to the height of the friends/buddies box and have /c and /u go up there in the remaining space so you can see more than 5 lines at a time. Some chat sessions really do scroll too fast to keep up with easily, even with "small" chat icons.

Perhaps a better suggestion would be to make full use of widescreen and use floating chat/player boxes. Right now, Nod/forum takes up the center 1/3 of my monitor. I'd love to see it widen to 100% and maybe give us chat windows (and separate game message window) that stretch to fill the screen not taken up by the play areas. It should be a ton easier to do than when the game was first made with the advent of Bootstrap and FlexBox for HTML. Just assign each output window to its own floating div within specified areas.

I know I'm not the only one who would stretch clan/pm chat (left) and civ/unciv (right) to the full height of the screen to better keep up with everything going on.
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