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Multi-Mob Fights (Legend Mode)
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Lightbulb Multi-Mob Fights (Legend Mode)

Here goes nothing:

I would really like to see the ability to use the many AoE skills available to all characters in a PvE setting. As many people, including Glitchless, are aware, PvP is a huge turnoff for some people, but so is not being able to utilize all available skills to their fullest potential without being forced to do PvP. I think a new, separate, mode should be created. I'll call it Legend Mode for now.

In Legend mode, starting a fight would put you directly into battle with all 3 mobs that any given zone offers (1 boss, 1 of each of the mobs), with each performing independently of one another as any mob would normally. I think rewards would have to be mitigated, to an extent. If each mob gave a percentage of it's full rewards for killing (2/3) then the total for a complete fight would yield roughly double what a normal fight against a single mob would yield. You would have the possibility of getting all 4 types of trophies in 1 fight, and an algorithm would have to be created to determine how boss/non gold would be calculated. I think it would also be good to have Legend Mode give +1 tier to resources, as we would have taken a 1/3 penalty in rewards. No heroic essences.

Then! We add the possibility of Heroic and Legend Modes being active at the same time! This would be the most fun part, in my opinion. The thrill of the possibility of being hit by all 3 heroic mobs at once and being disintegrated gets me excited. With both modes active, when resourcing, we should be able to see +2 to tiers of resources, for the added danger.

Obviously, there is a lot to consider and I believe the coding would be a nightmare. Everything mentioned above is by no means set in stone, and suggestions are welcome. Of course, support is how Glitch knows that this is the kind of updates we want. So sound off PvE fanatics!!

Thank you for your time,
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