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Originally Posted by Lakki View Post
I think Paulo was the only one who thought the new LG was good lol, I haven't personally used the new pet but in all honesty it seems a bit underwhelming. I understand regen is strong in this game, but why do so many items designed in the game get self-inflicted listless auras?

We still have LG trash items , including the blight barb dagger which is terrible and listless aura makes that even more unappealing. slapping listless aura on an LG is just going to make a lot of players not want to use it.

Can we start seeing LG's that don't have a double-edged-sword proc, and actually purely self-beneficial ones like we did in the past? I.E. Spear of the Unstoppable, Cudgel Of the Unmoving, Tomahammer , Doublers, Helkok, Black Edge / Boiler, Warhogs, Weasel Cuddlebugs, Mongo's, and so on?

We had good LG's in the game that don't shoot you in the foot, but the self-listless ones are pretty unappealing unless you're an archer benefiting from Kris.

But for goodness sakes, provide a counter to Shielding Staff too, that weapon is Top tier (even more OP than Regen) and completely makes 3v3 premade impossible to do without a healer. The diversity of 3v3 will be gone in Premade due to the fact that this staff completely counters drains/thefts so I won't be surprised if every team in the top 10 has a healer with that staff next season. Incapacitates got nerfed, and abnegation got buffed ( which is good), but I don't think we will see anything other than healer/tank/dps next upcoming format with the current changes
Because he's ran out of ideas for lgs and only makes LG procs based upon what people cry about. Omg I hate how op werewolf is. I get one shotted on openers. Pls give a counter to them. No. It's rng. Stop making counters for every single fun thing that pvp has. It's a game, it's meant to be fun. Teh only teams who really make pvp fun is tsu, I'll enjoy fighting them next premade, even if I'll lose I don't care.

This pet has no use in pve, you have four people telling you that and you won't admit it. So let's just leave it at that and you'll see no one will use it. Maybe bring out future lgs that will open up new builds, so many people can rebuild a toon and enjoy the game more? Thank you
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