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Originally Posted by Ideaman View Post
-1% arena bonus per afk sounds reasonable.
Totally reasonable. However i disagree with when it should be considered as AFK. You are to be considered afk if by the end of the fight you've done nothing. Not if you havent done anything in the first 10 seconds. Although i havent been in queue except for 10 days this season on a squishy caster, i have had it happen to me that i hear gong but boss walks in on me and i can't do anything at all, but i get lucky and have a healer. THen im still alive in spite of my afk-ness but in 30 seconds boss goes away and i can pew pew it's not always the case but there are chances where gongs dont work in arena, or when people cant get into the arena tab/window to do anything in tnose 10 seconds. To be penalized for afk even if they come back to it after the 10 seconds pass it would be unfair.

-1% bonus is also a very good idea, i would also add to it -x tokens that you would gain from said fight if you'd win it.

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