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Originally Posted by Holyspirit View Post
Throwing is usually against your friend . It's hard to do so if you don't know who is on other side. You can guess of course by gems/auras/pets etc.

Anonymous is bad because it's hard to manipulate arena as you don't know all participants. Also it may give a chance to active but less OP toons to get high rating/tempers that are reserved only for certain players.

Non anonymous is better because we can delay with that opener , "forget" to ca or switch target properly. We don't throw matches. ....we just focus more or less on a fight depending who we see on our or other side .

Boohoo please no anonymous, oh noes ! *rants and whines*

But seriously - there is no bad format. Every one has their Pros and cons. Adjust to it .

I support anonymous. It takes more focus and thinking to figure what's going on and how help /understand each others without words
Anon just promotes people who do not care about pvp to queue and to do poorly with no way to help them actually improve. people become lazy and do not shatter, do not get rid of bif/splits do not actually try in the season. It's a bad example of what pvp can be and teaches people how to do pvp poorly.
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