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Do Auras stack? (no just kidding)
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Default Do Auras stack? (no just kidding)

It's still regarding auras. We all know that auras place a "mark" in lack of better term either on you or on opponent, hence detrimental and beneficial auras.

However there's 4 auras (that i'm aware of) that make me wonder if they're really auras or not. Aura of Lucidity, Stoic, Focused and Seeing. They make you immune to various things, however if they get removed the effect doesn't linger for 5 seconds like the rest of the auras do.

Is this intended or could the old auras just have the incorrect name of aura and are just... something else?

It's been bugging me for a while now so i thought i'd ask

A Glitchless feedback would be appreciated

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