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Too complicated, make it easy so that casual players do not need 40 matches to get from 0 to a decent 10% arena bonus (it takes ~5-6 hours when queue is slow).
Decay bonus to 1/3 or even 0% every day if you like, but make it so that one could get to 10% bonus from several fights (up to 10).
I remember that back in 2016-2017 stacking up to 14-16% bonus was really fast and really easy to maintain it for the weekend in order to farm efficiently.
Some dedicated people were sitting on 25%+ bonus back then, just make sure to adjust penalties to arena bonus gains so that after 15% to up to 20% one would need 150+ arena fights.
Please also adjust the match making so that it takes in consideration how many fights you have left: 400 = highest prio and lower the priority for nolifers with low amount of arena matches left.

You may hard cap arena bonus to 20% if you like.
Make Arena more popular by making it easier for casual players, you always nerf stuff in this game based on the performance of truly dedicated individuals.

Thank you!

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