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Originally Posted by Trojan View Post
This ---v

^-- well are u trying to defend botters by saying there is x and y toon sharing so let us bot ? Lol and also if u dislike toon sharers make a thread and report them atm there is 60-80% of nod toon sharing because nod takes alot of rl time and sometimes some of us are busy with our lifes but again yes toon sharing is kinda rule breaking and again you can go and report it but you can not defend botters with this argument...
I wasn't defending botters. I was stating that their is little difference in the damage done to the community with either approach.

For you to defend toon sharing because "nod takes a lot of irl time and you are busy with your lives" is a crock. Justifying your actions with a poor excuse shows a man of little integrity.
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