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Trojan. Isn't the assumption of cheating (botting) you are claiming here very similar to you sharing your toon and having others grind for you while reaping the rewards of their hard work.

Instead of a piece of software doing the work; others do the work.

Thorin having his kids/hoodrat grind pilgrim levels for him, or trading his toon botox to Nymm for in game items, or trying to win trade in arena.
DTM having others log his crafting monopoly
Zvekan aka san selling his original account
Paulo having Hood grind his toon or trying to win trade in arena
and Trojan mentioned above also trading in game items for IRL currency.

These people have a huge impact in game one way another and have had for a while. None of them have earned their accomplishments without break ToU


1. Do not give your password to ANYONE! We will not ask you for your password. Anyone asking you for your password is a scammer.
2. Do not share or trade accounts. Obviously due to rule #1 you can't share or trade accounts since you'd have to give someone your password to do that. So DON'T DO IT.
5. You may not trade anything in the game for real life currency. This is the only way to prevent scamming from becoming rampant.

If Glitch wants to remove monopolies and engage fair play he needs to also remove account sharing. Most people who are in a league of their own or control the market openly admit to this with the exception of a few. Any toons once registered to a different IP should be banned if they have changed a registered email to another known player.

Yes it will upset people. But they took the risk knowing the potential outcome.
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