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Originally Posted by SiSiX View Post, where to even begin.

MA, hasn't played seriously in how long now?
Brooke, we you really should keep up on current events.
Paul...really, Paul? Paul's one of your "real toons"? Thorin's not a real toon but Paul is? Pau, myself, and Yado have pretty similar builds.
HK is no longer a dotter to speak of.
Alastrina has been in and out of arena. Seems to be out atm. Not some super dotter like you make the toon out to be.
Manga seems to have disappeared completely.
Enduir is another of your super toons? He's good, but...
Adnio? Really? He's a good team player, but not a super solo player.
Brikk is decent, but not some super toon.

I think Thorin might be insulted hearing he's not a real toon.
He didn't exclude Thorin, he was listing people who aren't active in arena and if they were they'd do good. And Thorin can't be on that list considering he's active. And I'd disagree on some people who you discredited from his list, some people have great builds for this type of arena, maybe they are not hardcore godlike old players but if bothered could end up high
Originally Posted by Tale View Post
thats prolly cuz u a blind serbian moron
Originally Posted by Brick View Post
You'd be surprised how much Excellence helped me in arena, he carried me both seasons so I can't thank him enough for that
Originally Posted by King View Post
ill admit ex is a real toon though... >_> god i'll never hear the end of my saying that

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