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I had the weirdest dream last night
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Default I had the weirdest dream last night

Every year my town has this thing called the Blue Plum Festival. I'm not sure all that goes on with it, I just know there's a huge turn out. Like last year they had over ten thousands some people over a 2 day period. All I know is there's live music at every bar, and I get drunk and have fun.

Anyway me and my friend (lets say his name is John) are walkin' along and we come across an old friend of his (who is Indian (from India)) and he's not doing to well. So we hangout with him, take him to the bars, we all throw back a few pitchers etc. Anyway the dudes mood improves drastically and by the time he has to go he thanks us, and gives us $250k each. I was like "holy **** John, I can pay off my debt with this."

The night progresses. It's now about 11pm. And I'm sitting on this table smoking watching this band, getting my drunk text on (never a good idea) when and talking to this girl at the same time. Now this bitch is ****in hot. Aight. Like an easy 9 or 9.5. When all the sudden, she's like "It's Justin Beiber" and I'm like "whaaaaaaat? JB in Johnson City??? No ****in way" And sure enough, the little prick walks by, and he sees me looking at him and smacks me upside the head. I get pissed. I start to walk after him when is bodyguard (who looks like a skinnier version of the black dude of the Walking Dead) was like "don't do it man" so I sat back down. Like 2 hours later I see him again while I'm eating, trying to sober up and he comes by and says something smartassy. and I go to stand up and the black dudes like "I told you to **** off, I didn't want to have to do this. and he like flips the table with me on it and it flys like 10 ****in feet and I get up and they're all surrounding me like kicking and **** but it doesn't hurt so I get up and start beating ass. Like blood everywhere. One of his guards (like there was 6 or 7) pulled a gun and shoots me. But there was no bullet. Another one pulls out a automatic pistol or some **** and hold the trigger. Shots are fired but no bullets come out. Regardless. I go Hulk smash and beat their asses and afterwards with them unconscious I pick up their guns. They're **** plastic. Fake ****.

Idk Nod. That's my ****in dream last night,

I got 250 grand from an Indian guy.
I beat Justin Beiber's and his bodyguards ass.
I had the perfect drunk and chilli cheese tater tots from a vendor at the Blue Plum Festival
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