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Unique Face Purchase: 45 TCs
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Default Unique Face Purchase: 45 TCs

After 14 Unique Face Auctions we have decided to end the auctions and sell the unique faces for the average price (rounded down, it was 47 for those interested) that was paid at auction. If you wish to purchase a unique face and have the 45 TCs already, read the following and e-mail to let us know which face you would like from the list or to submit (attach to your e-mail) your custom face artwork for approval.

No whining about the price, having it any lower would not be fair to auction winners.

Purchasers get 1 free revision - i.e. a small change to fix an ERROR or OVERSIGHT within 48 hours, not a new face or vanity change.
After that 48 hour window, changing the face again costs 5 TCs.

A unique face may be chosen from the list below - once a face has been used by one player it will never be available again. Players may also opt to provide a 128x128 transparent PNG of a custom face, however, the face must be original artwork (ie not taken from another game or internet image) and must be a portrait or close to it. Players can also provide a 128x128 original background image to be used with their face.

If you are truly crazy, you can pay an additional 45 TCs to get a second custom face. Your face will change between the two every time you relog. You can also give us the color codes (obtainable via seer font change on browser client) of the two font colors you want, and they will change with your face.

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