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Once you have the master receipe you use the quill pen to make a consumable copy. The consumable copy list a lot of difference resources that you will need to collect just to re-make the item. Typically the cost of buying all the resources are close to if not more then the cost to actually buy the item in the store. (reason why most people don't waste their time with tradeskills) if you can collect all the resources yourself w/out buying any of them then you can maybe make a profit from selling the item in the AH.

The master copy is permanent and consumable copy is used up once you re-create the item. The only way to get rid of a master copy is to sell in the AH or destroy it.

Also depending on what type of item you dismantled you will also need the skill related (i.e. armor crafting, weapon crafting, etc..) up to the level of the item you are creating. Each type of item requires a different method of manufacturing. Most armor can be made in the forge at any armor shop, but some items you will need another item that can only be found in another shop like a whittling set and fletchers handbook.
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