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Originally Posted by Syn View Post
thanks guys. the encouragement is much appreciated. I tried the caster focusing solely on magic but even that didn't work out so well. I turned off the "autoroll" to devote all xp to my preferred skills (magic) but once those levels got so high they far outstripped everything else and grinding slowed to a crawl as the xp requirements became enormous to keep advancing.

so now I'm thinking the extremes of the spectrum and specialization isn't the best way to go. I need a more balanced class that can take full advantage of the rolling skills. oh, and figured out the rerollers boon after all the drops tripled but came up soulbound. a nice feature to be sure to help offset the losses.

not even worrying about the crafting anymore. first have to find a good fit class-wise.
Using the 'Autoroll' isn't advised as it spreads it out to stats you might not need like recovery and can make you level too fast without having sufficient skills to move on making you weak. My stats are 75 melee, 140 magic, 116 defense and 8 recovery and i cannot think of a high level player that has even stats. It may be a slower level but it is in your best interests to turn it off.

As to wanting an easy class, Beastmasters are fairly good and are very good tank at cap but they have a slow kill speed. Crushers are good as well if you wanted to try that route. Casters are hard to do as a new player since they have to replace gems every few levels and gold is somewhat hard to come by. where melee will have to replace 1 or 2 weapons every 10 levels a caster might have to replace 10 or 20 (the pouch grows to 50 at max).

To avoid that as a cast you can go crusher until around level 60 then start getting gems and a good staff.

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