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Originally Posted by RogueTigeR View Post
I am very interested in Smash's #1 question... From a pre-existing post I was under the impression a new resource was going to be introduced that would allow by some means to uptier legendary armor w/o store-buying multiples. And by new resource, I do not mean like silks drop from mobs, i mean like after a heroic fight you are able to resource like we forage/garden/hunt/etc.....??????

EDIT: To clarity... the resourcing mini game was just the impression I got, the heart of my question lies w/ will these resources in some way be able to uptier legendary armors w/o buying a gazillion of them from the store?
already asked glitch, he meant a resource like silk, which i assume is the Heroic Essence.

question is though, will it allow us to up tier them?!?

Originally Posted by Glitchless View Post
However you want to spin it, buddy. This patch was specifically designed to somehow screw you over.

Originally Posted by Glitchless View Post
Tell that to the crybaby archers
Originally Posted by Glitchless View Post
We are well aware of the over-dramatic reactions to game changes in an effort to skew perception. It doesn't work, just makes them look like cry babies.
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