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Originally Posted by Glitchless View Post
The following info is for crafters:
First an epic dust of the highest tier must be combined using the enchanting rod (use first slot for dust) with a specific resource of the highest tier. Using cloth will require extreme clothworking and create a random armor essence and using scale will create a random shield essence and require extreme woodworking. When legendaries of other types are introduced more resources and crafting/artistry skills will be required - all will eventually be used except enchanting.
Smash...last couple sentences..."all will eventually be used," my guess is meaning:

t30 plank - legendary staff
t30 ingot/leather/bone - legendary slash/pierce/crush
t30 sinew - legendary whip
t30 oil - legendary gems
t30 thread - legendary bow
t30 berry - legendary arrow
t30 hide - legendary quiver

and of course:
t30 cloth - armor
t30 scale - shield

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