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Vampiric Touch
Pre: Black 5
Cost: 10 mana 5 energy
Drains 1-5 hp from the target and transfers it to the caster
Class: Necromancer/Dark Knight after level 20

Healing Touch
Pre: White 9
Cost: 30 energy
Randomly removes a harmful effect and heals the target for 1 to 8 hit points
Class: Priest/Paladin after level 20

Entangling Vines
Pre: Green 9
Cost: 20 mana 20 energy
Vines spring from the ground entangling the caster's target for 1 to 10 seconds preventing them from using melee attacks and temporarily halts gem draws.
Class: Druid 15

Edit: I didn't see this sticky thread when I originally made this post.
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