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This could just be a wacky idea.. but How about a rare gem line that has a random effect? But the random effect is limited to certain parameters? and is an extremely powerful effect for it's level, but the effect isn't always what you want/need?


Pandora's Box Rank 1. (make it a bad arse looking graphic)
Prereq's: Blue magic (5), Red Magic (5), Green Magic (5), Black Magic (5), White Magic (5), Grey Magic (5)

Energy Cost: 30 Mana cost: 30
Recast: 8.0

This gem can perform any single cast of any other gem for it's level. But... you have no control over which one. Kind of like playing the lottery. Each time could have the same effect, or a different one! it could also burn itself out. Will also randomly turn into an escape gem
Essentially, it is a all in one gem, but the downside is you have no control which effect you get, whether it is a Damage over time, aura of effect, heal for you, regen for you, direct damage, or it just fizzles out, or turns into an escape gem.
Another idea:
You can also make combine gems that have effects of all the Damage over time gems, but do less average damage than the combined effect of three and for a longer average duration. I.e. instead of 15, 17, and 18 damage over 10, 15 and 25 seconds... do 13 damage over 20 seconds. Now the reason for this is... if you cast one of these gems... and then pull a normal DoT gem out of your pouch, you can cast it and have it stack with the multi effect. This creates a playstyle that favors DoT's over anything else.

Alternitively, you could do one with the regeneration gems, that stacked with the normal regeneration gems.

But to do this, you must toss in a skill that regulates how many combine gems a player can possess TOTAL in all pouches. That way these aren't tossed about like normal gems, but highly coveted, and not just for the rare status. Thinking like you can have 1 initially. 2 at the level 25 combine gem skill, 3 at the level 50 combine gem skill, and 4 at level 100.

That way you are balanced in the way these gems can be possessed/played, and don't completely overthrow the gem mastery system in combat.

Just an idea.
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