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Well, here's some ideas from me (some may be reworkings of others already in this subforum, I apologize if this is so. I also apologize if I manage to think up an Aura idea that is similar to one that got added in the latest patch):

"Class/Color Class Bonus" Specific Gems:

Trapping Roots
Green Magic (20)
Mana Cost: 30
Energy Cost: 30
Characters with Green Magic boosts only (Ranger/Druid...not sure of any others)

Does 15 damage over 5 seconds and prevents the foe from escaping for that same amount of time. After the "Entangle" Effect has ceased, that foe cannot be affected by "Entangle" for the next 5 seconds. (to prevent escape lock)

Pain Amplification Aura
Black Magic (8)
Aura Gem
Death Knights only

Your foes take 2 additional points of damage from you and your ally's direct damage and physical attacks. (In other words, the opposite of the Thick Skin Aura for White Magic)

Blue Magic (10)
Mana Cost: 40
Energy Cost: 0
Rogues/Magicians only

For the next 10 seconds, your friendly target becomes harder to hit with physical attacks (no clue on how powerful the effect would be in numbers though).

White Magic (10)
Aura Gem
Paladins only

All friendly targets gain 5% status effect resistance. (Mesmerize, Daze, etc. This can also affect DoT gems, blocking the status and thus the damage)

I'll add more as I think them up.
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