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Personal research/findings/publications disclaimer:

Any information contained in any forum posts, chat statements, or websites (hereafter referred to as "the Information") made by Ehlmaris, Dranath, Indrasil (in-game), Ehlmaris! (on these forums), Ehlmaris (on other forums), Matt Southwell and/or any other aliases, usernames, or nicknames associated with the aforementioned (collectively known as Ehl), are the sole property of Ehl. The Information, so long as it can be deemed helpful to other people, particularly the users of Race War Kingdoms (Race War Kingdoms Free Online RPG - No Downloads Required) and/or Nodiatis (Nodiatis - Free Online Multiplayer RPG), collectively known as Glitchless Games, may be freely used without prior consent so long as said use is for the sole purpose of increasing relevant knowledge of Glitchless Games among the general users of Glitchless Games. All such use must be properly documented and credited prior to use.

Any use of The Information that results in profit in any way, shape, or form must result in appropriate contributions being made to Ehl. Profit includes recognized national currencies, currency used in Glitchless Games, items found in Glitchless Games, acknowledgement of gratitude regarding The Information, and/or a general sense of success, happiness, contentment, charity, and/or any other emotions that may result from providing such information. Upon receiving the aforementioned profit the user of The Information must contact Ehl, disclose all details of the profit including any applicable taxes, and discuss compensation for the utilization of The Information that resulted in the profit.

If The Information is being used for the sole purpose of creating profit, the user must contact Ehl prior to said use and discuss a profit sharing deal. Failure to negotiate an adequate deal will result in denial of usage of The Information.

This disclaimer is not all-inclusive. While several rights are listed, some may not be. For that purpose this disclaimer is not the sole rulebook for use of The Information, and uncertainty should be discussed with Ehl prior to use. This disclaimer is subject to modification at any time. Should it be modified in such a way that a user of The Information would have to pay compensation to Ehl for use of The Information, the user will not be required to pay for retroactive use, but future use will require compensation.
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