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I read the second part of bloods guide who is getting most of
the votes so here is my interpretation

it's 73 armor not 72 NEVER go -pst that alone should lose countless rrt from random energy draining bosses some for example are merf island which is an instant death sentence
cause it's black to most ppl there also I think WC is energy drain

also lvling in S lake is stupid because yellows and oranges are PROVEN to reep the beat exp/trophies for it's time

plus DB and sense fear are lvl 80 skills as you said by the time you are 80 they should be 75? they are impossible to ll before 80 but that doesn't matter but it takes weeks to get 2 or even 1 to 75 but you haven't even tried lvling 40s yet so you wouldn't know

but this is just constructive criticism I LOVE the first part but this kinda proves my point that people need to expierence the skills not just read/study them

<3 Baden
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