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Strategy lvl60-80.
Evenly lvl Melee and Defense, hitting 140/39/140/1.

Melee lvls:
Str – (3 for crush/2 for slash/0 for pierce/2 for whips)
Dex – (0/1/3/1)
Pst - (0/0/0/0)
Defense lvls:
Agi – 1
Cnt – 1
Dur – 1
The idea from lvl 60-80 is to focus on maxing your melee damage. Defense strategy is the same, adding another 10 to agi, cnt, now 140+lvl and 150+lvl respectively. Should now be roughly 220/230/270 in defense.

Important Skills and New: (skills will be listed approximately where they should be when you hit 80, obviously after you will continue to increase them )
Crush/Slash/Pierce/Whips – 80/81/79/83
Suiting – 78/84 (epic/non-epic)
Blocking –78/84 (epic/non-epic)
Dual Wield – 70+
Double Attack – 70+
Crush/Slash/Pierce Spec – 60+
Smash/Slice/Puncture(crush/slash/pierce) – 55+
Precision – 50+
Strikethrough – 40+
Battle Mending – 30+
Sorcery/Mind Bending/Diabloism - ~65 (for resists, more gems of color)
Green/White – 63 (for rk 8 heals and some invigorates)
Blue – ~50 (balance and manabursts )
Black – ~60 (DoTs, sloth aura)
Petmanship – 77/78 for whip users(epic/non) or 68+ for non-whip users
Taming/Loyalty/Ferocity – 65+ (whip user)
Wound – 70+
Predacity – 78 (whip user)
Growl/Intimidate – 55+(whip user)
Fire and Ice-65+ (whip user)
Stalking – 40+ (whip user)
Archery – 78/84 (epic/non-epic)
Ambush – 60+
Trishot/Critcal/Serial Crit – 55+
All other relevant Lvl 0 skills should be ~60+ and Lvl 20 skills should be ~55+ and Lvl 40 skills should be 50+
Other skills to think about:
None…only a couple skills at 60 :\
Learning and Adventuring skills as before.

Should have lvl 78 armor equipped, if not using epics lvl 84 armor should be used. This includes 78 or 84 shield as well, mainly for boss fights. Seals(53 pet) or bear cubs(68 pet) for non-whip users, Boas(77 pet) or Leopards(78 pet) for whip users.
Weapons – Warrior should be using Blood Spike Mace(epic 59 crush) or Solar Implosion Club(80 crush), working toward 86 crushing. WM should be using a Haunted Totem Sword(epic 81 slash) or using the Emerald Flow Sword(81 slash), Rogue should be using the Dragon Fang Dagger(epic 64 pierce)or the Wyvern Kris(79 Pierce), working towards 85 piercing. BM should be using the Whip of Misery(epic 74 whip) or Whip of Forced Obedience(83 whip).

Should be farming Dungeon of Rot 3 or Halcyon Rapids, and should be able to solo the South Lake Halcyon boss after raising a few more skills.

Should be str focused for crush/slash/whips, and dex focused for pierce. Str enchants on boa/leopards as well.
–mre/-pre/-int are recommended.

Level Cap.
New Skills:
Death Blow – raise like crazy
Broadhead – raise like crazy…opening shot will almost always be a crit at this lvl.
Improved Bash – useful for boss fights, raise slowly when nothing else is super important.

Main focus: Raise crush/slash/pierce/whips/suiting to or above the lvl your farming. Focus on specs and procs(smash/slice/puncture/intimidate). DW and DA for speed and hits. Keep critical strike high and raise overcrit/hemmorage afterward. Keep blocking up to par for boss fights, and defective shield, bash, behind that. Whip users…focus on fire and ice and Stalking, followed by Growl, then Taming/Loyalty and then Ferocity. Green magic is great for gaias, can also throw in a few sylvains and gradual repairs, toss in a few manabursts and invigorates for a quick replenish here and there in long fights(bosses). Auras of sloth/thorns/refelction should be in spots 2-4 in gem pouch. Fill out pouch with a few black DoTs and your good to go

Guide to De-lvling.
No need…you have your build.

Should be str focused for crush/slash/whips, and dex focused for pierce. Str enchants on boa/leopards as well. Dur never hurts, nor does a little extra Cnc for opening shot or auras.
–mre/-pre/-int are recommended.

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