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never though i would say this ty sherman

you dont have to use slash to parry but you will parry more often with slash i just go with crush because it does get better at later levels and because of the level 40 skill that allows you to stun the opponent since a guardian is best at reducing the damage taken. And defenatly use the quiver thing i do and is the only way to get the 1700 ac i was talking about with armors availible now. I dont think it is possible yet anyway since that is adding in a rank 5 ironclad.

I dont have any cnt and that is where i take the most damage i get hit by spells HARD. I would recomend putting more in dur than what you said since I have been going with half agi and dur and only have 1200 hp at 34 with 54 def. But about any comination will work. and the more agi and cnt will reduce the damage you take by avoiding, blocking, and just doing less more often. my normal battle is just some auras and maybe some green gems not always and im healed before i exit looting after taking my throphies and gold.

But yeah sherman's tips are really good
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