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Some suggestions:

If you want to parry as well as block, use slashers and go 2 str 1 Dex. Because Blocking uses STR and AGI while Parrying uses DEX and AGI.

Add some extra minor AC and stat bonuses by leveling archery and equipping ONLY a quiver, unless you want to equip the 16 bow, as it increases AC as well.

Level up Blue, Green, and White magic for stacking the Damage Negation and Damage Reflection auras. IF you do that, level up shared bliss and palisade to further increase the effects of said auras.

Also increase Green to use some Gaia's, although slow they heal decently and don't cost energy or mana.

In later levels, if you want to become an awesome group tank, equip a whip, attacking pets, and level up the BM skills you need.

While leveling up Defense stat, distribute all stat points after level 20, until then put all, or most, in Dur.

While leveling Protection skills, level Impedance and Combat Recovery as those are important skills later on. Impedance will help resist magic and Combat Recovery will increase your regenning in combat.

Once you reach 40+, start leveling those skills that increase resistance, it helps with AT LEAST 150 CNT.

That's just some basic help for new Guardians.

Nice build btw.
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