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Wierd, i get no errors whatsoever in 2007, looks like open office is a little pickier than excel. I double checked the parentheses and removed some extra ones in order to try and correct the `error`. It should be a little cleaner, now try it out again. I am sure the operand error is a result of the first equation not being defined in open office.

thanks for the hosting offer, but this mediafire thing works fine its easy and safe for now I'll keep using it unless everyone has objections. Whether it is linking a file on your server, or one of my own... there has to be some trust at some point. I also I do not feel comfortable direct linking to any of my own servers, and I don't see how this would be any more secure than media fire.

I may add a calculator to help with gem bag selection.... but thats a big job, although i don`t think it would be too hard just tedious. Also, it might not even get used too much, how many people would take the time to select 50 gems from the list?

i will try a short crack at it here and see how much work it will be.
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