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Well I don't know as much as some of the other people but here is my build for a Guardian

Guardian is the tank with a 4% bonus to blocking that can be raised to 12% with class enhancing skills.

don't know the starting stats

I use 1H crush

In melee pure str you don't need dex for crushers
Magic... don't lvl with the stat cap raised
Def you most important skill... I started by bumping up my dur then evened out and will go with 1 agi to 2 dur now
Recovery not that important... you might use some since cap has been raised to 80 but dont worry about it till the very end and them put your points in the hp regen one

Skills Crushing and related skills such as crush spec you will also want double attack and the critical strike skills the lvl 40 skill that lets you stun the opponent will be handy too

In def you want to use suiting blocking and testudo will be the most important starting off then the deflective shield will be nice at lvl 20 and bash at 40

you can also put points in parry to get extra attacks avoided and that is always good

The other skills arent as important but you can figure out what is needed for heals and pets

The guardian maxes his ac and is best in groups. Usally with a high HP and plenty of taunts to take that beating that no one else could handle. It will be slow at the begining with both mobs and pvp as blocking wont keep up with dual wield but with select skills at high lvls the proper equipment and runes your chance to block will be easily over 50% and an of getting close to 1700. Add on testudo and you can easly have over a 8000 fading damage absorber. Also if you chose to train parry along with the other skills you have that chance to parry along with the huge chance to block. With deflective shield you can deflect up to 100% (skill at lvl 100) of all blocked DD gems and ranged attacks (arrows) back the the person who used them. This is one of the characters best for tanking it up and if you dont you wasted you build on one of the most over looked classes that is really good.

Best as a tank all i can say since that is all it is meant to be.
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