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Originally Posted by Varanos View Post
I'm not sure but, can PKers kill people below level 10?
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Originally Posted by Jon View Post
Player Killing is restricted to level 5 and above, i.e one can only player kill or be player killed from level 5 and above.

Your account time, upgrades, and virtues remain. You can retrain your pker to at least level 5 again, after you get Player Killer Killed (PKK), and continue pking.
Seriously, this is a good example why ppl get tired of answering repetetive questions. If you would have asked this in another section of the forum, I would have answered and given you a link to more info, thus helping you improve you knowledge of the game.

Asking this question when the answer is clearly stated 3 posts above yours, as well as in other places (Search > Varanos), is simply a product of lazyness and the "Give it to me now... Give it to me faster" mentality of today's youth...

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