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Recruitment ???? no fun
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Unhappy Recruitment ???? no fun

Ok now here is another question... i live with 4 very fun people and we all love rpg and stratigy type games. they have been watching me play nod and are very interested in playing too but according to the rules i cant get any benifit refering them because we live togeather and in fact it could get me banned.... now i understand the reason for not having a referee with same email or same payment info but same houshold???(aka computer if we are all on same network hub) that will end up meaning that this game has just lost 3 very willing and capible paying customers....(trust me blizzard has no problem with all of us paying $15 a month to play WoW from same "computer") now is there any way to remedy this problem or do i really have to go searching the net for people i don't know, might not become paying players, and probably will never meet even in game???
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