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Not entirely accurate
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Default Not entirely accurate

Originally Posted by Glitchless View Post
If a PK kills you then he can loot one stack from your inventory - but only items that are not soulbound, not travel gear, and not time cards. They generally go for a juicy stack of trophies or an epic you haven't equipped or bought virtues for yet.
I have never looted tropies. My priorities for looting are as follows:
2-Non Epic Equipment
If none of that stuff is avaliable, I loot nothing.

Originally Posted by Glitchless View Post
PK's can group up and go player hunting together but often do not trust each other because if one PK kills another PK or group of PK's with equal or greater level than his own then he is redeemed and becomes a normal player again.
Not true, either. PK's generally always trust each other due to the fact that we're all each other's got. I have never even considered killing one of my fellow PK's in order to redeem myself. Another fact, usually PK's come from a wide rande of levels, making this threat Nonexistant. I only know of one time since the redemption update was made that there have even been 2 pk's of levels close enough for this threat to be an issue, and it was when my 60 and austen's 59 were pk-ing, and niether one of us even had that thought ever. We were constantly communicating with each other in order to assist the other, and already had our own plans for redemption in place.
Do not equate PK's to the likes of Zenga and Misguided. Yes, MG, you're a devious backstabbing ****, and the people you have been feeding information from know it.
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