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PvP and Player Killers (PK) Guide
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Default PvP and Player Killers (PK) Guide

Any player can force combat on another player outside of cities. You are safe from this if you fully log out. Forcing combat on another normal player makes you a player killer (PK). The following things are important to know:
  • You are permanently flagged as a PK if you force combat on a nonPK. You cannot do this by accident, since you have to type in a confirmation message. You can test to see if someone else you suspect of being a PK is or not by attempting to force combat on them.
  • PK's are a rare breed of player because the risk of being a PK is so great. If a PK dies while flashing red he loses everything except paid upgrades, noncombat and epic skills.
  • Being a PK is permanent, however, flashing red is temporary. PK's enter the red flashing state (referred to as PK mode) after being involved in forced combat (not duels, clan battles, arenas). While in this temporary state, they will continue to flash red and will die permanently if they die in ANY FORM of combat. PK mode lasts for 5 minutes after being involved in any forced combat or 30 minutes after forcing on someone else or actually PK'ing someone regardless of who initiated the combat.
  • Being in a town or logged off protects you from all PK attacks.
  • You can attack a PK without becoming one yourself. Doing so is a valiant deed and if you manage to kill him you will receive ALL of the PK's gold, items and be awarded PKK points in the amount of his level.
  • If a PK kills you then he can loot one stack from your inventory - but only items that are not soulbound, not travel gear, not Legendary, and not real purchased items like Time Cards. Typically the highest value lootables are epic tradeskill tools, potions, or an epic you haven't equipped. After you die from a PK then you cannot be attacked by another PK for your next hour of rested time, so you can level without fear.
  • Normal players can log off in less than 60 seconds, however, PK's cannot log off or enter towns while in PK mode.
  • PK's are protected to some extent by a level restriction of +/- 5 or 10 levels, however, if they attack players out of this level buffer then they permanently become fair game to all level players.
  • PK's can group up and go player hunting together but often do not trust each other because if one PK kills another PK or group of PK's with equal or greater level than his own then he is redeemed and becomes a normal player again. Also forcing combat as a PK while grouped will permanently remove any level restrictions from others attacking you.
  • PK's get three times the experience and trophy drops of normal players provided they have killed someone within the past 7 days. This does not stack with Reroller's Boon bonuses but it does stack with all other effects such as the Acceleration Upgrade. The trophies PK's get are soulbound unless they have killed someone that day or they temporarily choose to deactive the triple trophy drops.
  • Legendary Redemption: Anyone who dies as a PK (while in PK mode) or in a deathmatch will have all their legendary items converted to store sell price rather than just being unlootable and destroyed. To the victor go the spoils of potentially a lot of gold - and if the total amount of gold received from automatically sold legendaries exceeds 1 million then the dead PK or deathmatchee will be redeemed. He will still lose all legendary items and items taken by the looters but he will lose nothing else and find himself resurrected as if he had died in normal PvP and no longer having PK status. Note that the server message about you being permanently killed as a PK will still show but then a secondary server message will show at the end of looting explaining that you had a legendary redemption.
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