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Originally Posted by Demons View Post
any easier way to sell or trade trophies i highly support. atm the easiest way to trade trophies to an alt is to jump into the fight at the end from that alt and loot from there. meaning you must be grouped to do so. making it easier to just trade the trophies to that toon would mean you wouldnt have to be grouped with the toon your feeding from in turn making it so in seasons like this where you cant be group'd and q. you may q the toons your feeding from and feeding durring the feeding process making it to more people are in q since you can now farm trophies and feed your alt with ease and q at the same time which speeds up q and makes us all happy.
I support anything that makes it easier to move and sell trophies. It would be nice if you could toggle a feature that lets you click on a stack and immediately move it from inventory to first storage slot, and vice versa. It may need a global cooldown though, to prevent overload.

As for selling, it would be awesome if you could highlight a buncha stacks and then set your price. Even better if it stops highlighting upon hitting your salesmanship limit.
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