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Long term effect of bonus and solo option for tokens..?
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Default Long term effect of bonus and solo option for tokens..?

Support the increasing penalties.
Support the "are you there?" click before the match up process hits.
Support the loss of tokens as well as bonus and rating.
Great suggestions folks!


Originally Posted by Kembo View Post
id have to disagree on this1 i know alot of people hate it but not everuone can sit behind the pc and arena 10 hours 15 hours a day i work 14 hours a day and can mobile nod whil im their sometimes which causes me to afk arena sometimes but i struggle alot to get tokens i got to get them anyway i can even if it has to be afk arena ... because i really dont get to nod enuff to even get tokens while im at home i play maybe a hour a day actual farming if that so its good and bad the best way to solve this is pve tokens so i dont have to afk arena
Your struggle is your struggle. You don't have to get tokens to play - you need tokens at some point to keep improving, but it's not a requirement per se. It is your burden to gain them. In the same way that you don't have to afk arena - that is your choice to do and doing so directly screws others. Arena/pvp isn't meant to be afk'able like mob fights.

Originally Posted by Rip View Post
Personally I just arena for gold bonus since I plan to reroll eventually. Every once in a while I forget about arena que and use the bathroom or get something to drink or eat. If I am at 14-15% bonus and lose 1% I'm gonna be pissed and might just quit arena all together. I'm sure a lot of others will feel the same way. So be careful what you wish for. If losing arena bonus makes people quit arena you might end up with 15-20 min wait times.
You aren't in arena for arena, so it might be a relief to several to see you go. I personally don't want arena participation any thinner, but what is arena without people who are there to pvp? Your defense is in the interest of your pocket/mats and not in defense of arena like is more the nature of this thread. If you aren't trying to support your team then you are screwing them. Maybe random teams should not get bonus at all... leave bonus for when others can only screw themselves and stay at the bottom of rating(can't get carried whether they want to be or not). I mean... if you're in arena for arena, for pvp, lack of bonus won't make you quit arena in and of itself.
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