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What I'd rather have is for the bonus to float across screen only once during the hotzone duration, and then it to appear at the top left corner of the nod screen whenever you re-enter that zone. It's an absolute nightmare for people who townwalk between Atlimus and Burdina because that message appears over and over and over again...

It just pushes down everything else in your left chat box, forcing you to scroll down much further or lose the messages much quicker than usual and have to ask the person/clan to resend the message if you didn't remember it.

A solution I'd actually like to see about this is for the left chat box to have 3 tabs, an 'All messages' which is just like what we have now, a 'player messages' which only shows PMs, group chats and clan chats, so you can read the messages and take screenies of it without game messages like 'you encounter a mob' or things like that getting in the way, and then a 'game messages' tab that only shows messages from nod, not the players. It would prevent important chat messages from being pushed down so quick, and allow for easier tracking of your recent messages.
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