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:{ not trying to offend brother or anything but as a note for most people.

While 89 89 89 93 was faster for brother. in most cases it won't be faster. because while the overall exp will be higher. rather than adventurer's +3% -3% +3% -3% it's more like +20% -20% +15% -15% or some such depending on your class. so rather than total exp when planning your final stats figure out how much exp it is for each level. then do 1 fight in each skill to see your exact exp and divide the total exp required by that exp to see which ones have the least number of fights to finish. if 93 melee is less fights than 87 magic. check 94 melee. and so on.

aside from that.
206:30 rl hours is 1239 hours of rested time. adventurer primary and staff dd is not the fastest thing for farming level 90+ bosses so if you're other builds you can probably knock quite a bit of time off this.
tsurguyb's pilgrim took about 800-850 hours of rested time as double cast dot (with some group farming with another dcdot)
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