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Here's my 2 cents on this discussion.

I understand, from the developer side, you would love if both S1 and S2 could be the same, but they're not. From economy to playerbase to culture, they are essentially two different games. To simply throw another form of accel at the problem, is only satiating the few, and not fixing the problems.

S2 has a very little playerbase, that was evident when all they had to do was log in and queue to get TCs during 1v1 arena season, or that they don't even have enough toons that aren't on the same IP to effectively arena.

S1 has been around for years, started out with hundreds of unique players, and over the years, has gradually shrunk to where it is now, a full and thriving economy because of all the toons that are now being shared, to throw up all the resources on there.

To throw another form of accel, so people can burn more RRT faster, thus having to buy more TCs to farm the same amount of irl time is good for business, but I don't believe it will actually solve the problem plaguing both servers. That problem is people leaving. Over the years people have come and gone, and two of the most common problems is it being addicting, yet so repetitive for so little. The third most common reason is being banned I'm pretty sure.

S1 nor S2 needs 3x accel, that's insane. The only people complaining about the need for triple accel, are the ones who don't play enough to burn RRT with double accel.

Two things need to happen, S1 AND S2 need a larger playerbase, not more pay to win options. That being said, I like the option of doublecrafting. I do feel that something along those lines does, in fact, improve QoL by removing a tiny bit of the repetitiveness that plagues Nod. So would altar memory, or something for players on boon in higher areas where you get 2-3 pages of trophies.

Again, I hope the good suggestion you mentioned was something to take out the repetitive clicking for diminishing returns, and not another temporary measure to grease the squeaky wheels.
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