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I would spend TCS for...
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Thumbs up I would spend TCS for...

I think current upgrades are OK if it comes to grinding/farming but I would like to see and willing to pay for for some optional QoL upgrades that doesn't impact pve or pvp any way.

Please post ideas what would you like to see implemented as paid upgrade.

Personally I would love to see ability to process multiple resourcess . It would be ok to just double it up :


Double crafting upgrade (11 or 20 TCS):

When toggled on:

-Able to process any resources resulting double amount (press 4 plants for 2 dyes etc)
-able to create 2 consumables at once
-able to downtier 105 stacks as outcome would be limited to 210 (double stack of 105) or in other words allows stack to "overflow"
-able to create 2 items at once.

Exp , mana/energy requirements is up for discussion.

I would get it in heartbeat.

I recently made 50 potions (no exp anymore) and time I spent doing so prevented me completely from burning any RRT

Imo we should be more out there fighting monsters instead playing with inventory/storage/tools
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