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WOOT... my items are here!
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Cool WOOT... my items are here!

Hello fellow Nodders.
Beings as I was the first customer to Skreddles Unlimited, I just have to show the cool products I purchased and review my items and the site.

I purchased 4 white shot glasses, each containing a different virtue: Honor, Knowledge, Courage, and Wisdom.
when I received the glasses I was astonished at the quality. The white shot glass is nice and thick and the picture of the virtue and word on the side is "baked" into the shot glass and not a goofy decal or sticker. +1
Here they are prepared for use.


Navigating the website was kind of tricky but being my first time there I wanted to look at everything. After finding things to buy, I had a bit of a time figuring out everything and ended up asking Skred how to complete some things then she gave me a coupon code to use at checkout. +2
The best thing about the website is if you have issues, PKPerson or Skred are online alot to help.
...Well I'm off to fill my virtues with spirits...... ***and my belly too...
'Till we meet again in NOD....... Cheers!

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