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Here is mine.

Each skill gains a single level per character level. When i want a break in leveling to farm a spot, i switch to class advancement.

Melee stats - I only put a single point of Str here and two points Dex. Its better to always hit and do little damage then it is to rarely ever hit and do lots of damage.

Magic - every even level i put 1 point in Int and 2 points into Cnc. Every Odd level i put 1 in every thing.

Def - Every level 2 points in Agi, 1 point in Cnt

Reg - Every level i put 1 point in all.

For Learning -

I suggest after getting the initial point in passive learning that you train Advance learning to be the constant highest learning skill.

Advance learning increases both the exp gain rate of learning skills and indirectly increases the passive gain rate of skills.

I suggest that Extended study is the least increased skill, as the bonuses for the skill are either too small for it to be noticeable, or too great to spend the time in real life.

Melee - Pick a weapon then keep its level above your level.
i suggest always to train Crit and Overcrit unless you plan to focus exclusively in archery. If you plan to use staves, be sure to also add 2handed.

Archery - Unless you are planing to focus only on staves, train these skills as well. When starting combat you can fire a single arrow (three if triple goes off) and then switch to melee. Ambush is very important for this.

Defense - Train all skills fairly equally taking note for
Suiting - Try to keep this skill Always above your level.
Block - if you plan not to use a shield don't train this skill.
Parry - if you plan on not using melee weapons, don't train this skill.

Life magic
Sorcery - Always increase.
White magic - this is where most of your heal spells and some defensive auras come from. Training is good to keep your alive.
Green Magic - Stamina heal gems and the best constant heal gems are in this magic.

Mental Conservance - Train ONLY if you plan on at least occasionally using a staff.

Death Magic -
Diabloism - Always train
Red magic - highest damaging spells exist here, a decent enough train but not very important unless you are going to focus in magic
Black Magic - similar to red magic.

Staffs - I suggest training this skill at least slightly. It is possible to trade gear in mid combat.

Slight of Hand - Same as MC
Destruction - train if you plan on using some direct damage spells.

Psyche Magic
Mind bending - MOST IMPORTANT TO TRAIN Prevents Stun/Mez/Daze
Blue magic - very important to train as it has the best utility gems. Balance, DD, and mana regen gems exist here.
Grey magic - Very important to get to level 11 for the 10% resist auras.

Gem handling, - if you plan on using multiple gems or auras, TRAIN!!
Wizardy - train to level 10 then you can wait a while. Allows you to hold X2 amount of gemstones, making it easier to get ready for combat ahead with out taking up storage spaces.
Divination - Semi-useful to train, but only if you plan on using a staff.

Beast Master
Petmanship - I suggest this gets trained to at least level 10 so that you can have a rat.
Whips - I personally went with whips as my melee weapon, as it increased my pet abilitys.

Loyality - Train only when having a healing pet.
Taming - Train if using a whip
Predacity - Train if not using healing pet - Even better when using a whip
Wound - Train to the level of your current pet then it can wait from there. if not using healing pet.
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