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Valour Rank 1

Prereq: Blue Magic (20)
Gem Color: Blue
Energy Cost: 25 Mana Cost: 25
One Use Per Draw

The targeted ally or enemy deals 15% more melee damage, but receives 25% more damage from any magical source. The effect fades out after 20 seconds.

(The spell is supposed to be rather useless in solo fights, but powerful and versatile for groups that have, for example, a tank with 2 caster types, or a melee damage type with a healer or tank. In the former case the spell should be cast on the mob, in the latter on the melee attacker.
For easier balancing it might be necessary to make 2 spells out of this, one cast on an ally that increases melee damage dealt and physical damage taken and one cast on an enemy that increases physical damage dealt and magical damage taken, with both being inefficient in solo play as well. But I think it would be more elegant to put both aspects into one gem if possible.)
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