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Class bonus: Base bonus of 8% to minimum melee damage.

Melee exp bonus: +20%
Magic exp bonus: -5%
Defense exp bonus: -20%
Recovery exp bonus: +10%

Starting stats (28 Hitpoints; 126 Energy; 109 Mana)

Melee - 95 STR; 105 DEX; 103 PST
Magic - 103 INT; 102 CNC; 98 MST
Defense - 106 AGI; 102 CNT; 95 DUR
Recovery - 107 PRE; 106 MRE; 90 REG

Stat importance: Dex, Agi, Dur, Cnt, Mst, Pst, Cnc, Reg, Mre, Pre

Recommended weapon type: Piercing (Rogues get a bonus to minimum melee damage, and piercing weapons have the highest minimum damage for their level, making them the perfect weapon for rogues, dealing mid-high consistent damage)

Recommended skills (in order of importance):

Weaponry - Piercing, Two-Handed, Critical Strike, Overcrit; (level 20 skills) Dual Wield, Dual Attack, Pierce Spec

Protection - Suiting, Parry, Impedance, Blocking (only until level 20 when you can dual wield, unless you really prefer to stick with 1-handed piercer and shield); (level 20 skills) Dual Parry, Mirrored Blade

Life Magic - Sorcery, White Magic, Green Magic; (level 20 skill) Eternity

Beastmastery - Petmanship

Psych Magic - Mind Bending, Blue Magic, Wizardry (to 10 only), Gem Handling

Death Magic - Diabolism

Because the chance of doing maximum damage for piercers is equally affected by Dex and Str, and the chance it hit is affected by Dex, it is advisable to only increase Dex as opposed to Str when leveling. Rogues can also play as a beastmaster easily, since whips also deal high min damage and lower max damage, and have the best of both worlds, as it were. Refer to the following post for info on being a Beastmaster.

Gem use for a rogue is rather simple, as is for most non-casting classes - white and/or green healing gems (mainly continual hitpoint gems) and defensive auras like the white shield aura and blue reflective aura.

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