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Finger of Death Rank 1

Prereq: Black Magic (10)
Gem Color: Black
Energy Cost: 75 Mana Cost: 0
One Use Per Draw

Target enemy has a 20% chance to die instantly. For every level the caster's character level is above that of the enemy, this chance is increased by 5%. Vice versa, for every level the caster's level is below that of his target the chance is decreased by 5%. If the targeted enemy is a boss monster or another player, the chance is halved.

(The purpose of this gem is not to be used as a regular combat spell, thus the high and inefficient energy cost. The spell is more of a risky alternative to fleeing - the odds are worse, but if it works the reward is great. Also, if you know you will lose a battle in the long run or if a team member is about to die after one or two more hits, you might give it a shot with this gem. When it fails, you can still attempt to flee.
Higher ranks would have higher energy cost and provide a basic chance of up to 40%.)
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