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"None of this would have happened, if someone hadn't stolen my ****ING SURFING BIRD

but seriously, i'd be willing to vote on a 2M max cap for tc's, seriously. I still wonder how this game functions at 1.5m tc's, it was tough when they were 800k. if the gold pouch couldn't only hold 50M peeps wouldnt buy a million tc's. seriously, why is 50M even the gold cap? we should be able to hold as much gold in our pouches as we can have the LG's on our backs, ( a full LG suit is like 150M) so that should be the gold cap. I can't believe the cap before was 10M gold O.o ik glitch said he doesn't want to control the market, but couldn't it kill the game if they get to high? i mean... a toon can only farm so much gold in a 10 day span of premium right?..... RIGHT? O.o P.S. PM me in game if you want to sell a decent priced TC, i'm trying to get grinder >.>
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