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Life on Nod
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Talking Life on Nod

Uncommon, Rare, or Epic.
We hunt and grind and click.
TP, Rune, TP,
I'm gonna watch a flick.

Click, Click, Click, Click.
This screen makes me sick.
I want to quit,
But I'm having a fit.

It's so boring,
Click this, move the mouse.
Yet so addicting,
I can't leave the house.

Seletchi plotted and botted.
He was banished!
He stole accounts, whose owners rotted,
Whilst PKKrs no longer famished!

Sherman is crude and foul,
He was banned.
He pleaded forgiveness,
But he is damned.

People argue and rage,
Taking so serious,
Obviously of young age,
Or perhaps...just...delirious.

Civil off, Uncivil on.
The kids these days...
My patience is gone,
My anger stays.

Draw a gem,
Cast a spell.
Hit a limb,
The mob fell.

Miss, Miss, Miss,
The Trishot.
Miss, Miss, Miss,
The Double-Attack alot.

I'm sure that was a bug,
It's gotta be a flaw...
By design?
My behind!

Nerf that skill!
Buff that class!
We got a bad deal!
Smoke some grass.

So here I plod,
Wanting my TeeCee.
While on Nod,
**** just PK'd me.

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