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Entry 2:Beacon of Sorrow.

Along the edge of rocky hills
Her song could make your blood run still
Sorrow falling from her lips
Dancing on her fingertips
The lighthouse matron all these years
Yet nothing could take back the tears
The guilt of never begging stay
The night her husband sailed away

At first the days were cool and calm
Then from town there came alarm
The caps were building on the waves
Once peaceful harbour seemed to rage
That night she sat just peering out
Beside the light atop the house
Watching ships all drifting in
The only one not back, held him

All hope she had could not be dashed
There she stayed as weeks crawled past
Singing softly to the wind
In hope her love would go to him
The days and weeks, now many years
A weeping widow lost on fears
She plays piano all day long
And spends her nights cold and alone.
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