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Another from Sherman...

The ground is cold and my bum is wet
The destruction of my aniz is a sure bet
I see the giant genitalia
It extends farther than I want to know
I look to the left to the left to the left and I look to the right
I see even more ready to fight
I can feel the blood drip from my body
The blood is thick and a mixture of mine and theirs
I see the enemy quickly come at me
I lower my arms and see the white Christmas
Perhaps it is for hunger, but I look for one purpose
I look to the future childred that may inhabit my bed and aniz one day
Tonight I fight the overwhelming urge to gape everyone which is quite fun
I will only gape one at a time to prevent irreparable harm
I ready the lube and the Bengay
I will enjoy this without being gay
I am the last on the last guy with a burning crotch
Not one like mine, but with STDs and a giant sore
After today I will be in the Guinness book of World Records
I protect my throne as the biggest gaper
I keep my honor as the being swallower
I will not resist this amazing night
For I love this more than Glitchless
Enjoys dehydrated and cactus on cat sex
Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known. --Dr. Carl Sagan
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