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The cookie cutter archer, which everyone should use, because its unquestionably the most powerful class in the game (TM). Or, if you like, its the "easy button" in Nodiatis.

Melee: Pure Dex
Magic: Pure Int until Int reaches 112, then Half Int/Half Cnc
Defense: Pure Dur until Dur reaches 100, then Half Agi/Half Cnt
Recovery: Pure Reg until Reg reaches 109 then 1 Reg/1 PRe/1 MRe

Throw in some white and green heal gems and a healing pet and you'll be just like every other archer/killing machine out there.

Have fun and remember -- "trishot ftw!" Repeat this in chat as often as possible to be like the other new archers.
Is there a reason why we stop at certain stats then split them (i.e. Pure Dur until Dur reaches 100, then half agi/ half cnt)? I am curious because I am following this build. So far it works fine but I know it can be better since Im still increasing Int to 112. Also, i had a question about trishot and crit stuff. Do you have a better chance of doing them when your level of those skills is equal or higher to the creature your battling? or does it matter simply on percentages as it states?
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