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Originally Posted by Darcelle View Post
I am two days old, indeed, but I have an extended experience in online gaming. In here, I watched the chat and noticed how bad the Ns are treated. Now I see a similar comment in here, which is not very encouraging to continue to play. It seems that an important thing is ignored, and this is that you become a donator from being an N if you feel that the game is worth being supported, but when you are treated like trash, you don't really feel like becoming a serious part of it. And yeah, it is the first game where I see such treatment for the Ns.
If you have played more online games, you should know how people behave on the internet. You should also know that there are morons in every layer of the society. On top of that you should know that generalizing things based on what a few morons yell is a bad thing to do.

Originally Posted by Darcelle View Post
Another issue is that all the ideas given here are not referring to countries where the monthly wage is $500 a month, and for which the $20 for membership is quite an effort. Of course, you might as well say that you don't want users from those countries, but then this is discriminatory.
I see this topic more as humor than as reality. And even if the discrimination you refer to would be made undone, it would be still discriminatory towards the guy sitting in his tree in the jungle of congo.

Btw, i feel discriminated too as nodiatis is not available in my native language.

Originally Posted by Darcelle View Post
And the last issue - and I stop here - is that no matter how much I searched, I could not find a link to the donation page. And since the game is addressing mostly to the paying members, wouldn't it be a good idea to have that as visible as possible?
See it now? The dollar sign

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