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I am two days old, indeed, but I have an extended experience in online gaming. In here, I watched the chat and noticed how bad the Ns are treated. Now I see a similar comment in here, which is not very encouraging to continue to play. It seems that an important thing is ignored, and this is that you become a donator from being an N if you feel that the game is worth being supported, but when you are treated like trash, you don't really feel like becoming a serious part of it. And yeah, it is the first game where I see such treatment for the Ns.

Another issue is that all the ideas given here are not referring to countries where the monthly wage is $500 a month, and for which the $20 for membership is quite an effort. Of course, you might as well say that you don't want users from those countries, but then this is discriminatory.

And the last issue - and I stop here - is that no matter how much I searched, I could not find a link to the donation page. And since the game is addressing mostly to the paying members, wouldn't it be a good idea to have that as visible as possible?
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