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Originally Posted by Glitchless View Post
Mmmk. We've got regeners claiming regen is not OP and a nonplayer designing theoretical bad weapons. Not getting anywhere.

If you want to point out a _build_ or multi-build (ie the sets that can be swapped to) that you think is truly OP (i.e. what was being loosely defined as "the problem") and in need of a counter, feel free to do so. A faceless person with a drain in their pouch isn't it.
The same thing we've been saying the entire time. staff dot with drains is way too strong for what it is. Staff heals with drains is way too strong for what it is. This toad accomplishes exactly nothing new in this game. It has no use in formats outside of 3v3 premade, and in 3v3 premade there is a better option to use in place of the toad. I don't regen. I beat regeners all the time. There is: Degen arrow, chippie, reaper, gravebond, doublecast whip, degen crusher, fleshies, Rule of Law already in the game to counter regeners. Removing the listless aura portion of this would at least make it have SOME use. You're already giving up the regen from a timmy(which you need to have any sort of meaningful regen mind you not to mention the flat 10% mitigation) to use the drain proof portion of this... You'd need to use 2 of the toads to have any sort of real mitigation to drains so you have no timmies on to increase your regen. Leaving you with very little hp regen to begin with.

BTW Neither freaky nor I run regen so I don't have any idea what you're talking about with the "regeners claiming regen isn't op"

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