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Originally Posted by Glitchless View Post
Mmmk. We've got regeners claiming regen is not OP and a nonplayer designing theoretical bad weapons. Not getting anywhere.

If you want to point out a _build_ or multi-build (ie the sets that can be swapped to) that you think is truly OP (i.e. what was being loosely defined as "the problem") and in need of a counter, feel free to do so. A faceless person with a drain in their pouch isn't it.
The problem is the same problem that has been stated over and over. In non premade formats DRAINS ARE TOO STRONG. This new pet solves nothing for this issue. Instead of tanks being drained and unable to taunt, they will die so quick that its the same result. Casters can use their old pets and get drained and watch the match while they do 10% of their dmg since they cant cast. OR they can use the new pet and be unable to maintain their casting OR die due to no "tankyness" (no vamp/no regen). The ONLY build that can gain a true benefit from this pet.. IS THE BUILD ABUSING DRAINS.

Drains are a cheap, reliable, toxic gem line in these non premade formats. Rather then giving these worthless lgs that dont solve the issue with drainswhy not LOOK AT DRAINS THEMSELVES.

You earlier said nerfing drains would buff regeners.... HOW? Doters are the users abusing drains.. they can deal with regeners easily without drains. Hell even if they COULDNT deal with regeners without drains... THEY ARE SO STRONG they deserve to be weak to ATLEAST one build Instead of being very strong/even against every build.
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